… so, ask them for their cell phone number!


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I preface this blog post by saying that we work with some AMAZING catering managers who see the value in working with professional wedding consultants and have referred us some lovely clients – which we really appreciate.

Every once in a while I talk to a bride who says: ‘I’ve heard great things about your Wedding Day Direction- but my venue says they already have someone who does that.’

My response is: ‘Did they give you their cell phone number?’

Seriously…did they give you their cell number?

My office number forwards to my cell phone, each of our Wedding Day Directors give the clients they are working with their cell number.

We recently had a situation where a client called me at 7:30 – the morning of their wedding…it was an emergency and I was happy to help them handle it.

Later that morning I got an email from the catering manager of the venue, letting me know that hotel manager had emailed her, there had been an issue, but it was resolved….

I had already had three conversations – one with the bride, one with the groom, and one with the hotel manager…had seen the bride and both moms at the salon and was in site with the makeup artist and the bridal party when the email came…

Truth is Catering Sales Managers – do sales- they are largely responsible for the bottom line and areas that involve food and beverage service…

While they may refer you to some ‘vendors’ they have worked with – they are not researching people based on your needs, they aren’t typically taking calls from you after hours, and are not involved in getting ready or ceremony if they are off site…

That is exactly what an independent wedding consultant does – we are there as your personal assistant, and advocate…

 So the next time a catering sales manager tells you that they do what we do- ask for their cell number!