Christina- small Christina Gargano Lupo:

Ok, I have been behind on my posts, and thankfully Rebecca inspired me to blog…

One of the questions I am often asked by brides has to do with numbers. Not for budgets, although we’ll get to the Stationery budget another day…but table numbers.

Often they are overlooked, but you can actually create something that is an add-on to your centerpiece. They can be an extension of your total design.

I worked with one of our brides for all of her stationery – custom invitations, escort cards and programs.  She was planning a lovely outdoor wedding.  Since she was using long rectangular tables we decided to use them as part of the décor.


I found these amazing birch trees in the NY flower market and had them cut to size with a slit to insert a simple card.


The number itself was printed on the same paper stock used for the invitation and the design was carried over from the invitations and escort cards.


So have fun with numbers.

They’re a great way to add to your table design.  And there are many ways to be creative that won’t break the bank.