Rebecca Druckenmiller


I just found out some news from a recent bride and groom of ours, Wendy and Paul. 

We always welcome and look forward to updates and news from our couples but unfortunately this wasn’t the best of news.  Shortly after the couples’ wedding and honeymoon Paul was deployed overseas.  

Although this makes us sad that he had to leave so soon after the wedding it also makes us incredibly proud of his service for our Country. 

My sister is in the military, specifically the army, and just returned a few months back after having spent 15 months in Iraq so it isn’t hard for me to identify with what Wendy is going through. 

It’s so hard to be patient when waiting for phone calls or when counting down the days until they get home but the time does fly by and with every day that goes by you truly appreciate what they are giving up and sacrificing for us. 

We wish Paul a safe return and we thank him for his service to his country and for the sacrifice his new bride and family are making. 

Our thoughts and prayers for Paul’s safe return go out to Wendy and their families….

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