This week I had the opportunity to speak to the Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association about working with wedding planners and some of the transportation issues we have encountered….

We had great interaction about communication with clients – taking time to help a client find the appropriate transportation options for their needs, making some suggestions and walking them through the process…rather than just taking orders….

I also had a follow up conversation with Philip Jagiela – President of the Association as well as the owner of Aries Limousine Services.

I asked him for the top 5 things a couple booking transportation for a wedding should know –

I’m really excited to know that we already asked many of these things while interviewing the transportation companies we recommend to our clients…. And that many of the people we refer to are active in the association

Here are Philip’s Tips:

1) Go see the vehicles! This validates the company, the equipment and allows a better relationship building opportunity. I realize many in our industry (85%) are “mom & pop, 3-5 vehicle operations”, but that should not prevent either party from this suggestion.

2) Is the company properly licensed and insured. Our industry varies with regulations from state to state, but in our area all are required to register in some fashion with local, state and federal entities. Do not be afraid to see their permits or insurance.

3) When do the charges begin? 

4) When are payments due for service? Deposits, final payment and what type payment methods are accepted. What are terms of cancellation or method of back-up if equipment issue arises?

5) Understand what you are paying for with “packages” (Soda, water, ice, properly attired chauffeur) and work with your provider to determine what other options may be available for the end of the evening that are cost effective and suitable for your budget. Perhaps a sedan works in place of a limousine for those transfers to the “secret hideaway”, or any guests that should have the safety factor applied

6) It does not hurt to understand if the company has any professional memberships with recognized organizations that could further validate the company

 Thanks to Philip and the other Association members I met…we’re looking forward to working with you in the future….