Karen Peterkin


I was speaking with a newlywed just the other day, and what she said reminded me of probably THE most persuasive reason to hire a wedding consultant…

——————————————————————————————————————————– After hearing that she had just gotten married this is how the conversation went:

 K: Oh congratulations!  Where did you get married?

 {The Bride told me the name of the venue}

 K:  And did everything go smoothly?  It was amazing?!

 Bride:  It was awesome, but I don’t remember much.  It was a blur and before I knew it, it was over.

 K:  Oh no!  Did you have a wedding day coordinator?

 Bride:  No, I mean (the venue) had a wedding consultant, and I knew they were overseeing everything, but I was still worried about everything, you know?  There was just a lot to do and I wanted to make sure it was right.


 Hmmmm, I totally understand the details and the amount of time and attention the bride, groom, and families put into a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding, but my biggest piece of advice {which directly relates to this story} is: 

 Let go of the ‘itinerary’ and details, and just enjoy your wedding day. 

 EXPERIENCE your wedding day… 

 Your only wedding day.

 And this brings me back to why a Wedding Day Director is so important, whether you’ve worked with this Consultant throughout the planning process, or hired them solely to coordinate the day-  for the sake of your own enjoyment, let the Wedding Day Director oversee the details. 

 I know, I know, it’s hard to “let go of the reigns” and there is a lot at stake. 

 But you need to trust the professionals you’ve hired. 

 For the sake of your memories, the degree to which you actually EXPERIENCE your wedding day, take all of the planning, all of the details, all of the organizing and set it aside that day. 

 Trust the plans you’ve created and set into motion and let them be implemented by a Wedding Day Director.

 What is the alternative really? 





 You are frantic, making sure everything is perfect -but you don’t enjoy your own wedding day?  Or just go with the flow, trust your professionals, and SOAK UP your one and only wedding day…