Rebecca Druckenmiller



I just got an email from Ryan Estes last night with a photo he took at a recent wedding of ours and after opening it and taking a look it really reminds me how important teamwork is in this line of work…

There I am on the left, and then Karen (fellow QOH Wedding Day Director and assistant for the evening), and next to her, Shoshanna and Erin (our oh so fabulous QOH interns). 

I had just finished briefing the team when Ryan snapped this shot.  Making sure everyone is on the same page is so important and having the extra hands makes everything run so much more smoothly. 

Mark is a firm believer that we should never be running a wedding solo and I’m thankful for this outlook because I can trust that if something comes up I will always have a few extra hands on deck to help remedy the issue. 

We also appreciate the importance of working together with our fellow wedding professionals.  A team effort will always produce better results. 

The night will only be successful if we are all successful in working together to get the job done. 

I’m consistently communicating with ALL of the nights professionals to ensure we all know what’s coming up next or what still needs to get done. 

They too are sure to give me a heads up if they notice any issues throughout the night or need adjustments made to the timeline to make special accommodations.