Its funny – I NEVER go to weddings when I’m not working at them….

And when I’m working at them I’m focused on our clients and making sure they’re having a great time and that everything flows smoothly…

Friday night I had the chance to see life on the other side – I’m really glad I did…

When I expanded our team to do Wedding Day Direction last year we set up a few rules….

1. If I am not personally booked on a full service wedding that day (and in town) and we have a client for Wedding Day Direction I make every effort to stop by, check in with the couple and just spend some time observing our staff…after all it is my company!

2. Regardless of who the assigned Wedding Day Director is, and how confident I am in their talents -if another of our directors is available they work as the assistant on that wedding…. It’s good to watch how a number of people respond to similar situations.

{Our Wedding Day Directors each assisted me on 12-18 wedding with me last year alone… and No One EVER -INCLUDING ME – works a wedding alone, there are too many things that could go wrong or need attention at the same time- two is always our minimum staffing}

3. Each Wedding Day Director files a written report of the event with me after every wedding- and I personally follow up several of the wedding professionals to check in …

So Friday night Rebecca was working with Erica and Ros for their wedding at Normandy Farm – ( as she lined up parents for the processional)

Karen was her assistant ( lining up the bridal party) and there were two staff interns also assisting with this event…


Even with the room block, ceremony and reception all on one site- with the weather we’ve been having and a scheduled outdoor ceremony, you can never have enough staff…

It was really great to watch both Rebecca run an event and Karen be her support – both showed grace under pressure- reviewed the details with all the wedding professionals and showed caring and warmth for all of the family, bridal party and the other wedding professionals-


Exactly what I expect of our staff –

When I’m overseeing an event – I know our staff does what is expected…. But it was great to see an event from the other side – not really having a job assignment … just checking out the team..

I heard nothing but compliments about photographer Ryan Estes and Jackie Bayne who was second shooting for him…. (great team guys),


 ….as well as rave reviews about Ray Sowden’s team from Normandy Farm!


*Once again I’ll note why I’m a wedding consultant and not a photographer…. And why I generally wait for the professionals images before blogging