It looks like our Philly weddings the rest of July and August will be smokin

They are predicting some HOT weather {today is gonna be a scorcher}…

One of my favorite ways to cool off a wedding reception is by serving gelato to guests as they dance…

Capogiro makes the most AMAZING, delicious local gelato!

The milk comes from grass fed, hormone free cows – the ingredients are all local and handpicked and seasonal… and the gelato is made fresh each morning

I love a comment on their site that gelato isn’t water ice with soft serve….

Its Italian ice cream….their gelato is actually half the fat and half the calories of ice cream – and is denser because it has less air….

Last fall we did a wedding were gelato in great fall flavors were brought to guests on the dance floor in little votive glasses (like the kind you’d put candles in) with tiny spoons… people cooled off without leaving the dance floor.

But you can always do a fun gelato bar and let guests mix and match their own….

I LOVE their lavender gelato and how great would that be for a wedding with a purple and lavender color palette?

Their store on 13th street in Philly handles all the wholesale gelato – ask your caterer if they can get it for you! But Haley Jacobs who handles wholesale sales is always happy to talk with you…

And for all of you reading this NOT in Philly…. They ship! Their website has links to have them ship you our seasonal assortments {YUM}

Have a great weekend… and CHILL OUT!