Rebecca Druckenmiller – Wedding Day Director


No I’m just kidding, I just wanted to have a cool blog title like Mark always has.  I feel like I’ve written a lot about fashion for the ladies, I think it’s time to focus on the men a little bit (no complaints here).

A huge trend right now is when the groom and groomsmen coordinate their sock colors.  Now, we always kindly remind our groomsmen during our rehearsals that white socks are for the gym, only black, dress socks should be worn for the wedding.  Now, I think we’d make an exception for this fun trend…take a look at the photo ops color coordinated socks can make.

Argyle is really popular and you can find it in almost any color. In the photo on the right they even coordinated the sock color with their ties!

Don’t just personalize your wedding through the décor or ceremony elements, show a little personality through your choice of attire…

Okay, you can’t expect me to write about socks and not write about shoes.  For the ladies, try coordinating your shoes with the groom’s socks.  Once again it creates a great photo op and I love the look of peep-toe pumps in different colors. 

Look at me, now I’m using blog entries as an excuse to shop…