People wanted to know what some of the other pet peeves I have about weddings are….

Unless your wedding reception is at a diner there is NO reason coffee cups should be pre set on a table..Makes me crazy when I see a beautifully decorated reception table with coffee cups crowding the space…..

OK,OK – I hear people screaming already…. the exception would be if you are having an early morning ceremony with a Brunch reception…TOTALLY appropriate for that situation…

Occasionally venues (usually those who normally do mostly corporate events) claim they don’t have the staff or ability to place cups and serve coffee after dinner….

HUH? (sound of crickets chirping……) for real?

OK so lets try something creative like a coffee station…. coffee, decaf, hot water in urns- selection of herbal or decaf tea, cream, some sugars, or maybe even some chocolate chips, whipped cream …nothing they probably don’t have around already….

A self serve station gets guests up and moving after dinner, allows people who want coffee right away to get some and others who want to dance a while to get HOT coffee when they want it..

Oh, and what about the concept that a little coffee later in the night isn’t bad idea for a room full of people who have been having a “Fun” all night..

Along the same line… when placing cups on the table to serve coffee after dinner….it’s also a good idea to remove sat, pepper, rolls, and butter for the table before setting the cups in preparation for dessert….

Once again…. you can tell a lot about what service and attention to detail at your wedding will be when attending your tasting, an open house or a friends wedding at the reception venue you might be looking at.