Many of the pet peeves I have in regard to weddings I seem to have carried over from such a long time as a chef and caterer….

Frill picks are one of the biggest ones…

You know those tiny little toothpicks with the colored cellophane on one end.

I have to laugh as one manufacturers site reads: “Decorative frilled toothpicks add that special touch when serving fruit or appetizers”

Caterers who stick them all over a cheese display make me crazy – so 1979….


They really don’t belong stuck IN cheese display or hors d’oeuvres

Number two – where to STICK them when you’re done with the snack….

I’ve seen when caterers place a small dish (sometimes filled with something like rice, sesame seeds or salt), or piece of fruit with some picks in it so guests know where to put their picks…

{Heck even the deli has a little bin next to the samples marked “used toothpicks”….}

Along the same line… part of being a good guest at a wedding is NOT putting used picks, beverage napkins, dirty plates or empty glasses on a FOOD DISPLAY!

But have you checked out some of the new picks made of bamboo or other renewable resources – they are so much more 21st century than cellophane frill picks…

Check these things out when you are doing a tasting which your caterer or attending an open house at the venue where your wedding will be ….

You’ll learn a lot about them by what kind of picks they use, where you stick them when you’re done and how they clean up the mess people leave lying around.