Rebecca Druckenmiller, Wedding Day Director

As an avid recycler and environmentally conscious girl, I’m thrilled that green weddings are becoming more popular.  You can incorporate environmentally friendly ideas into almost every last detail, everything from the linens to the invitations.  There are also environmentally friendly options for favors that will leave guests with some inspiration to lead “greener” lives. 

Soy Candles are made from hydrogenated soybean oil; they produce 90% less soot and last up to 50% longer than paraffin way candles.  They can be purchased virtually anywhere or you can simply make them at home.  There are tutorials all over the internet and if you have the time it really personalizes your favors and gives them a unique look. 


Seed packets can be packaged in such unique ways and are perfect for a spring or summer wedding.


I LOVE the idea of giving guests a flower or tree to plant.  Once again, packaging can be personalized in so many ways.  A recent client, Maura, offered her guests evergreen trees, neatly packaged in a burlap material and ready to plant when the guests got home.  Another example below is as simple as planting a flower in a Chinese food container and neatly tying it with a tag and message. 


One of my favorite pictures I found was of these potted herbs.  They had sticks marking them with each guests name to serve as both place cards and favors. 

There of course is also the great option of making a donation to a favorite charity or organization; these are the types of gifts that keep on giving.  As you can see, there are tons of ways to personalize a wedding so why not think outside the box and offer guests one of these amazing, eco-friendly favors?