Recently Philadelphia wedding magazine’s editor Carrie Denny added a feature to their ‘ask the experts -Problem Solved!” column.

On The Mark

When even we’re stumped, Mark Kingsdorf, owner of Philly’s Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, knows the answer.


In this issue we dealt with those issues that can arise when you planning a wedding involving divorced parents….

Today I received this email from a friend who is an event planner with one of our favorite off premise caterers – she’s planning her own wedding in 2010.

I read your question and answers in the Philadelphia Wedding Magazine on divorced parents and I wanted to say that it really made me feel so much better about things with my wedding. My parents are divorced and my fiancés parents are not so when we talk about certain aspects of the wedding I would cringe because of my parents being divorced and it really upset me! So I went and talked to them both and like you mentioned to do and well all it came down to is that want my day to be special and perfect and however I wanted to handle certain traditions they would be fine with it.

So thank you very much and if I need more advice I will be sure to ask you!


I get to see these things work out in our clients lives… it sometimes takes a little work and I as a neutral third party really can help to keep things level…

Glad to see talking things out early in the process helped – good luck with your wedding planning.