Rebecca Druckenmiller, The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants

Wedding Day Director

Weddings are a happy and beautiful occasion that are hopefully shared by you and all of your loved ones, but many brides and grooms are faced with the difficult situation of spending the day without a parent, grandparent, or other loved family member. 

There are so many wonderful ways to honor and remember your late relatives, candles can be lit during the ceremony or pictures can be displayed at the reception.  A special song could be played by the band or DJ or a special item (like a handkerchief) could be carried down the aisle.  And still others have picked a charitable foundation to receive donations from guests in honor of the deceased and in lieu of setting up a gift registry. 

Recently, while perusing one of my favorite blogs, Weddingbee, I noticed a post from a bride (Miss Crabcake for those who are familiar with the site) who was planning on remembering her late family members in a unique way, with bouquet charms! 

She purchased a square glass pendant kit off of Etsy and inserted pictures of her grandparents.  She also gave a full tutorial for those of you who might want to remember your relatives in this unique way.  Here are some pictures of the finished products!  How great are they!

And below you can see a professional photo of similar bouquet charms.  (photo from Hystudio)

 With so many unique and special options you’re sure to have a memorable opportunity to honor and remember those who can’t be with you on your special day.