Christina Gargano-Lupo, The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants

Graphic Designer/ Invitation Specialist and Event Planner


Being a graphic designer and event planner, people expect certain things from you.

When I got married, everyone couldn’t wait to see what I designed for my own invitations. Even my husband gave me creative freedom – great, but talk about pressure!

When I host family holiday gatherings or birthday parties for my kids, there are certain expectations that my guests have for the day.

I am always looking out for something fun and different ways to be creative.  I came across this awesome decorative tape from TapeSwell.


Since wrapping gifts is not my forte…{I can never get the corners to lay flat}….

I love adding this tape instead of ribbons. They have some really cool patterns and offer labels too. I love the wraparound mailing label.


I think any bride could have fun with these for favors or save-the-date envelopes. 

Just be creative!