That IS the question! 

Should the bride and groom see one another before the wedding- a question which is usually decided upon quickly (unless you each have a different point of view!) 

Romantics at heart will say that there is nothing like the build up of seeing one another for the first time as the bride walks to meet her groom. 

The look on his face, the look on her face, the experience of that moment is priceless. 

It’s kind of like couples that choose to wait to find out the gender of their baby until the delivery room- there is nothing like the anticipation of that moment and astounding nature of that event. 

It can’t be duplicated. 

Practical couples will say that meeting before the ceremony can be just as romantic, and that the many logistical benefits to seeing one another before the ceremony outweigh waiting.  

Not only can you get more photographs out of the way before the ceremony, and perhaps at more than one location, but you can almost assuredly reduce your amount of anxiety before the ceremony. 

Many couples enjoy the fact that they can relax a bit more before the ceremony and not get so tense about that one memorable moment.  

Photographers can be ultra creative about how the bride and groom see one another for the first time…if it’s not while walking down the aisle, the options are endless about where the couple can meet for that very sweet moment and for amazing photographs.  

And, logistically, if the couple has taken many of their “needed” photographs before the ceremony, then the couple may have either more time alone after the ceremony or have more time with their guests during cocktail hour.

 The choice is up to you!

~ Karen Peterkin, Wedding Day Director