After coordinating a sensational wedding last weekend, I was reminded about the importance of back up plans. 

The bride and groom had planned on an outdoor ceremony, and it rained (as it has been for weeks around here!) 

Not showers here and there, it steadily, mercilessly rained. 

Although we knew a few days before the wedding day that the forecast was calling for rain, the happy couple did still hope for an outdoor ceremony. 

But they also knew there was a strong possibility of having an indoor ceremony, and they did not want the ceremony space to be plain and ordinary. 

So for “Plan B”, which did have to be set into motion two days before the wedding with the ordering of the necessary items, they ordered fabric draping and lighting to be added to the indoor space.  

Yes, the ceremony was indoors, but still fabulous and beautiful.

Planning an outdoor ceremony? 

Always have a backup plan;  a well-thought, complete backup plan.

Then seriously look at the backup plan and the indoor space and ask yourself if you’ll be happy with the look of that space in photographs, with the décor, chairs, and lighting the space has to offer. 

Even if Plan B isn’t your first choice, make sure it’s a choice you can live with!

~ Karen Peterkin, Wedding Day Director