Please don’t assume I’m a total boob when it comes to wedding gowns and alterations, just because I’m a guy….

One of the first things I did when starting as a wedding planner was to take a part time job with a bridal salon to learn about gowns, veils, headpieces, wedding gown designers and alterations.

On several occasions I gone gown shopping with clients, and this week as in numerous other times I’m going with a bride to start the process of final fittings….

It seems like 80% or more of our clients are still purchasing strapless gowns…

Here are some great tips to make sure you are the focus of attention without ‘the girls’ putting on a show of their own!

Make sure you have purchased an appropriate undergarment before the fitting –

Take the shoes you plan to wear with your wedding gown- INCLUDING the ones you plan to dance in –

When fitting the bodice – try these two simple tasks.

1) Raise your hands above your head – the girls go and the dress doesn’t it might need to be a bit tighter. Keep in mind that if your fiancé or father is a little taller than you are- reaching up during that first dance could be interesting.

2) Have them bustle the gown and then SIT DOWN. Sometime during the evening you’ll be sitting with your gown bustled (hopefully to eat) – if the bodice isn’t fitted properly it may ‘gap’ in the front when you sit. Giving everyone who walks up to the table as show as they stand above you.

{a great trick I’ve talked about before which has nothing to do with the gown and EVERYTHING to do with the show… place two small ottomans or a low bend in front the sweetheart table, guests coming to visit will be at eye level and not staring down your dress}

Another GREAT tip – take those flat “comfy’ shoes with you that you plan to dance the night away in….make sure that when they make the bustle- they measure for it in those shoes!

Chances are that those shoes are a couple inches lower than your wedding shoes… if you don’t the down will be sure to drag on the floor – bustle and all…

Just a couple tips so you are sure to be the center of attention… and not putting on a show!