Move over “photojournalism” – yes that was the buzz word for a long time to describe any photography that didn’t look posed, formal or traditional…

Gone are the requests from many of our clients for indoor photos with soft, romantic backgrounds, chandeliers and wall sconces….

Our brides want urban and edgy – find a great brick wall with graffiti, a mural or partially rusted corrugated metal garage doors and they’re there…

Street corner cafes, taxis and alleyways are all the favorite backgrounds … one of our brides who is soon to marry told her photographer…. “I want shots in the Italian Market with the entire bridal party and the produce stands and to do some shots in the subway….”

Check out these recent photos by Andrew Todes from Calies and Paul’s wedding


And his engagement photos of our clients Jana and Gerry…. at the penitentiary



This new urban, edgy look might just be here to stay….