Today’s Blog is written by Rebecca one of our Wedding Day Directors-

I have a feeling Rebecca may be doing research on engagement rings for more than just professional reasons. (wink, wink)

So a friend of mine from college, Kristin (who coincidentally also works in the industry with Leapfrog Photography), just got engaged and when I saw her ring I knew I had to blog about it.  It was so unique and different that I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about some engagement ring trends we’ve been seeing this year. 


Her ring has a twisted band with inset diamonds that really catches your eye when you look at it which brings me to trend #1…

#1 Twisted Bands- Some rings like Kristin’s have diamonds along the twist but others just have smooth, metal twists.  Either option creates such a unique look. 


#2 Color!-  Not only are we seeing a lot of new color trends in terms of décor but color is finding its way into engagement rings too.  Vivid and vibrant colors can really make heads turn, but they can also be a bit pricey so maybe consider small accent diamonds in color instead.


#3 “Fancy” shaped diamonds- The most popular diamond shape is still the round stone, but oval, marquise, pear and cushion are becoming increasingly more prominent.  The cushion cut is also known as a “pillow-cut” and has rounded corners to create a slight square or rectangle shape depending on preference.  


#4 Vintage-This doesn’t just mean that you’re getting a family members’ beautiful wedding or engagement ring, vintage trends can also mean intricate settings and details that create a really romantic look. 


#5 Build your own engagement ring- This is something that I just recently heard about, some jewelers allow you to buy a diamond that you want and they put it in a beautiful box and give it to the future groom for the proposal.  After the proposal the couple can come in together and build a custom designed band to go with the diamond.  I thought this was a really creative idea, especially for those who may not know exactly what to get when they step into the always intimidating jewelry store.  With this idea you can go through the process together and build something custom to your taste and preference. 

Thanks Rebecca!