I love sweetheart tables…They’re‘good form’…

They are a great photo op for pictures of the bride and groom –

Making one WOW table {which is highly photographed}, is cost effective if you can’t dress all of your guest tables-

Brides and grooms move around all night so having a head table leaves people who might not know each other well sitting there uncomfortably-

A HUGE bridal table tends to occupy very odd space configurations in the room….

However, one obstacle I’ve always encountered is when random guests come up to greet the bride and groom- standing in front of them awkwardly leaning over to chat and almost peering down the front of the brides dress

They’ll deny it but I’ve seen it…

Someone recently gave me this really easy tip…



They are stylish, come in a thousand colors and textures, can be rented or purchased inexpensively from a local big box store, are comfortable for guest….

And don’t stand out in photos of the happy couple!

What could be easier…?