OY, chair covers….

One of the dreaded conversations as a wedding planner and designer HATE having with families….

Please understand I grew up in a Jewish family from Forrest Hills, New York and then moved South Philly – chair cover to me brings back images for clear vinyl covers on all the furniture….

In weddings, especially during the beginning of my career nearly 10 years ago the looked like a room full of little ghosts….these shiny, little, white, hang-ie things….

They never fit right and they were a polyester something or another and I saw more people sliding around on them because of their poly suites and dresses…. {Sorry, but it’s true}

But we did it because “they covered the ugly banquet chair” – OK barely, the ties slid off, the bottoms rode up… YUK!

OH, and BTW, when brides rented them on line from the least expensive place they could find… HOW did you think they got ON the CHAIRS?

200 chair covers, 4 staff members + 2 hoursn staff time… {MINIMUM!}…

Well at catersource and event solutions several people showcased 2009 chair covers….

THESE, Are NOT Ya Mama’s Chari Covers!


Some are designed to fit the new Chameleon chairs, others fit chavari ballroom chairs…. The come in full covers, others in chair caps….

But they are all amazing….

Can’t afford to do 200 guests chairs – we’d be happy to help you select two that fit the personality and style of the Bride and Groom!