It’s no secret to most of our loyal blog readers, my staff and definitely not to our clients …


I freely admit it- which is OK because I seem to bond with brides who are also infatuated with Mickey Mouse…I have clients or past clients who: work for Disney, honeymooned at Disney or just have an obsession with either the parks or a Disney character…

But here’s the deal… after a Disney Cruise, two dozen trips to Walt Disney World, Disney Land and even a business class at Drexel University given by the Disney Institute… It’s become an education experience!

I think I spent most of last week’s vacation {thawing out…} studying how Disney does it… No I’m not talking about Pirates, and Princesses and life sized fairytale characters …

Here are a few things I learned and how they parallel weddings:

People have a fairly short attention span and want to be entertained – everything is you see creates a vision; it gives you something to look at while moving toward the main attraction.

Guests at your wedding want that same stimulation – adding in focal points along the way, transitioning from one space to another will keep their interest.

Every park has a WOW- Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, The Tree of Life- picking a WOW, a major focal point at your wedding sets the same tone.

The Escort Card table is a great WOW – add in layered or upgraded linen, candle light, a WOW arrangement – every guest goes to the table for their seating assignment – set a lasting impression for the rest of the event

People look where you direct their attention – ever see a soda machine at Disney? How about a trashcan? They’re both there….

Brides worry all the time about guests seeing tray stands, generic bathrooms and other utilities… focus guests attention on something else – make floral pieces the center of focus, light them with pin spotting to make them POP and people will never notice the carpet!

Smile! – rarely do I ever encounter a cast member having a bad day – Belle always smiles, Mickey is always having fun – even the poor kid who has to listen to “It’s a Small World” a thousand times a day smiles!

On your wedding day – things will go wrong… little bumps behind the scenes that guests will never know about, unless you tell them, or you ‘go bad’….

Smile and enjoy the fact that you’re marrying the one you love..