In these tough economic times we realize that not everyone who would like to have a wedding consultant to help with wedding planning can afford one…

Truth is you might NOT be able to afford a wedding consultant for full service wedding design and coordination! LOTS OF PEOPLE CAN’T….

But you CAN afford to invest a few hours with a professional wedding consultant to get you started….

Everything old is new again…..

Back in 2000 when I started The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants – I offered a “getting started” package….

We’re bringing it back as our “Wedding Stimulus Package

It’s a three hour session with me to really brainstorm your wedding and get you on the right track –

  • After you’re registered we send each couple our style / personalization questionnaire to gather as much information as possible about you and your wedding.
  • We generate a personalized planning calendar with month by month project list as well as target dates for everything – to keep you on track.
  • We design a budget breakdown based on information you provide about what is most important to you in your wedding.
  • We offer you some planning checklists, tips and ideas to help you start out on track and remain calm during the planning process.
  • During that meeting you can pick my brain about etiquette questions, family drama, design ideas or referrals of some wedding professionals that match your needs.

 Everything you need to get you started on the right track -with confidence, knowing you’re headed in the right direction…

 The price of the session with all of the planning tools is $400.00 – how could you NOT afford a wedding planner?

 If somewhere down the road you need a little more help –

  • We’re always able to offer you Individual consultations…
  • Christina ([email protected]) can offer you assistance with invitations or printed materials…
  • And we still have dates available for our Wedding Day Direction service…

We know that people are trying to make their wedding budget go as far as possible- and we’re here to help.

Email me at [email protected] and put Wedding Stimulus Package in the subject line for more information or to book an appointment – our meeting times are booking quickly!