As I’m sure all of you are WELL aware…..

I’m the “Pirate Wedding Guy” –

I was Adrienne and Joe’s wedding planner for the pirate themed wedding on the Style Network’s hit show ‘Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?’

Well this week it was named to the ’20 most outrageous Whose Wedding Is It Anyway moments’ –

Filmed back in September 2005 this episode aired in early 2006 – for the most part it was a traditional Jewish ceremony, held under a chuppah on the deck of the Moshulu- officiated by an Irish Rabbi…

Funny thing is aside form the pirate hats and jackets… the reasons it got nailed for the top 20 most outrageous were the one guest who brought an eye patch, and the one slightly drunk guest dancing with the pole…

BOTH the grooms brothers! (sorry Joe) – I’m sure your mom loved that!