Thanks to all our loyal readers ( and lurkers! ) our blog has become extremely popular….

I’m surprised that we have a great mix of our current clients, former clients, local Philadelphia wedding professionals, and wedding planners from across the country….

I decided several weeks ago that the best way to expose everyone the rest of our team was to allow them to blog too…

I’ve waited 8 years for the right people to expand The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants and I’m really thrilled and honored that Christina, Karen and Rebecca have joined the team.

They each have a great background in weddings, but they all also have varied life experiences and professional backgrounds…. all being talented, young, 20 somethings… they see the world of weddings in a different light than I generally do.

So in the future you’ll be seeing some blogs coming from each of them – on tips, trends, fun products, commentary on celebrity weddings, TV shows and …well basically anything wedding related….

I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do…