So I’ve been baking my brains out for several weeks now…Christmas cookies that is!

(Cause I can see all my hippie friends in the mountains of Colorado, and southern California giggling)

We’ve done dozens of chocolate chip cookies, pizzelles, coconut macaroons and BARK in both white and dark chocolate….

Chuck comes home from work with a ‘recipe’ for cheater cookies – huh?

One box of cake mix, (Chuck recommends sifting the cake mix to break up any lumps) – add the oil the recipe on the box calls for, TWO eggs, and NONE of the water….mix it well, form it into balls and bake at the temperature the recipe on the box calls for, for 8 minutes…

Cool, and ice with pre-made frosting….

He did double chocolate, lemon, spice and carrot…. and they are REALLY GOOD

So for those of you out there scrambling to get your holiday list finished, or those of you with no cooking skills – these are MAGIC.

Happy Holidays!