The new 2009 wedding magazines generally hit the shelf just before the holidays… for all the ‘girl friends’ who turn into ‘fiancees” over the holidays…

This week the new Philadelphia Elegant Wedding came out…. and I’m guessing we hit a home run.

Editor Carrie Denny decided that they had thrown me enough CRAZY questions for their ‘ask the expert’ feature that I deserved my own side bar in this issue.

So they fetaured¬† ON THE MARK – and it reads…”Even we get stumped sometimes, but we always know where to turn: Mark Kingsdorf, owner of Philly’s The Queen of Hearts Wedding consultants, wedding etiquette guru extrordinare and all around good sport for putting up with us.”

AND… even better – Diana and Scott’s wedding from this summer is featured- the wedding is AMAZING, the images by Laura Novak are so perfect – people have already stopped and asked if they are a real couple or models a they’re too, too cute.

What a great start to the week….