Several months ago when ‘the ladies’ joined the team here at The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, we decided they needed head shots….people want to know what they look like!

And that while my head shot was very professional – it was also over 5 years old and I admit I’ve got a little more ‘salt’ in my ‘pepper’ now…. and people have come to know me by the signature red shirt.

So a few weeks ago we spent a morning with Laura and Paul Eaton of Laura Eaton Photography in their studio in Old City doing some fun, urban head shots. Fun does not even begin to describe the day 


We did a little Charlie’s Angels as everyone has been teasing us….

To pamper the ladies a little we brought in makeup artist Beke Beau – I had the good fortune to meet Beke at several networking events and work with her on a wedding in October. SHE IS AMAZING – and the ladies loved having their makeup done professionally!

She even took the edge of my mug…..

And of course we did a group shot….

Front row (L to R) – Christina Lupo, Rebecca Druckenmiller and Karen Peterkin. Back row (L to R) – Paul Eaton, Beke Beau, Me, and Laura Eaton who always tries to stay behind the camera…

We had a blast and rounded out the day with lunch in Old City and experimented with some Turkish cuisine..

Here’s a glimpse of the final product… the rest you’ll have to wait and check it out on the About Us page of our website in a few days..