Happy Thanksgiving!

I LOVE this picture as it really sums up for me the true meaning of Thanksgiving –

It’s all about relationships, and sometimes those unexpected, untraditional relationships…as much as I LOVE the food – I try to remember it’s about relationships.

So today I am truly thankful for many things- not the least of which are my health, my family and the success of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants.

I am incredibly thankful and appreciative of:

Our clients – the relationships I have forged with our couples, their families and bridal parties have far exceeded my expectations. Many of you have truly become family.

The wedding professionals I’ve met and continue to do business with on a daily basis – as wedding planners we are only as strong as our team and I have been fortunate enough to build strong relationships with some of the top photographers, videographers, bands, floral designers in the Philadelphia region if not the country – thank you for making my job so easy.

And probably the strangest thing I am thankful for this year is Facebook! – as a 48 year old guy who grew up in the very transient world of restaurants, catering and now lived in the busy world of weddings – this really cool social networking tool has enabled me to reconnect with friends from high school, college, fellow wedding consultants from across the globe, and our clients…

I would be remiss if I didn’t personally thank a few people – especially Chuck, my significant other who puts up with my crazy schedule, and especially my media presence as he is WAY MORE private than I.

For my family, I’m not only grateful for my relationship with my brother and sister- but also for the love and acceptance from Chuck’s siblings, Mom and Dad and their entire family.

And last but not least for my staff – Christina, Karen and Rebecca and our interns- who make me look good and will help me take this business farther than I ever imagined – by bringing more creative ideas to the table for our clients than even I could imagine alone.

Take a minute today a midst the turkey and stuffing, the football and parades, and while you give thanks for the ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ we all have – to remember to give thanks for the amazing relationships we all share.

Happy Thanksgiving!