* As a guy I totally have no street cred in this area so just follow where I’m goin’

A couple weeks back I’m at the rehearsal for Amy and George’s wedding out front of St. Georges – huge slabs of marble leading up to these wooden doors….

And one of the bridesmaids nearly falls over because she got her stiletto caught in the crack between slabs of marble….

You know the drill, you’re stuck and you either have to take off your shoe and hop around trying to pull the shoe out or find someone to lean on while you (or they) pull it out…


In the bag of stuff we got in California at the ABC conference were these really cool Sole Mates

They are heal protectors that keep you from getting caught in cracks, or stuck in the grass- the perfect sole-ution to high heel hazzards!

I’ve added a couple pair into my emergency kit….I’m sure my brides are gonna love ’em!