One of the thing you have to learn as a professional wedding consultant is that you are exposed to the best and the worst of peoples lives…

You get to learn about financial situations, family secrets and see thing behind the scenes that other people don’t need to know about…

And learning to keep you mouth shut is a huge part of building a trusting relationship with clients and future clients….

In that respect here are a few things you might have seen on out sight and never even realized-

  • I rarely show tight images of infants or small children ( occasionally if the photographer has published the images in a magazine I will show it)
  • If we show clients wedding invitations we try not to show their last name – to protect their privacy…. you’ll see one case where we did as the invitation company used the invitation in several large ads and it appeared in a national magazine…
  • I never post wedding photos here… or on our Recent Weddings gallery until the couple has returned from their honeymoon and seen them first – occasionally you’ll see some the next day, they typically come from a slide show the couple has seen at the wedding reception. – this is why sometimes you”ll see long lags in posting weddings….( and sometimes we and the photographers are so busy we wait a while to get pictures!)

One other thing I stick to is protecting a couple’s privacy – if you come to The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants and want to check references…first, you’ll find references next to most couples wedding images in our Recent Weddings gallery.

And secondly we will email you, and blind copy 6-8 recent clients- telling them you are looking to check references. they will have your email address on the email and the option to email you back with a reference, offer you another way to contact them or just offer to email back and forth with any questions you might have.

This is done to protect their privacy – just as we would yours as a client- we get hundres of requests for services and many want to check references – newlyweds come home from their honeymoon, are busy settling into married live, back to work or school, and in many cases settling into a new home- the last thing you need is a hundreds of calls asking about our work….

Just goes to show you that sometimes what we don’t do or don’t say at The Queen of Hearts is more important that we say!