We’ve played this once before…

Being in the wedding, event, hospitality business for my whole life… things tend to run full circle…

So here’s the latest installment of Six Degrees of Mark Kingsdorf

We took a vacation this week to Florida and on Wednesday went to Kennedy Space Center – taking the Kennedy Space Center ‘up close and personal” tour- our guide asks people the normal question… ( he would be separation #1)

Where ya from? and we happened to be the only Philly guys and instead of saying “how about those Phillies?” he says ” Do you know who Chris Ferguson is?”

Well ya, Actually I do!

Back in the early days of the business I did a wedding for a bride named Katie (#2)-

Several years later Katie was a bridesmaid in a wedding for Megan- (she’s #3) Katie and the bridesmaids purchased my Wedding Day Service for Megan as a gift…. (really cool idea if I do say so myself!)

Megan married a really great guy named Tony ( #4 on our list) – Tony’s aunt Sandy (she would be #5) and her husband and kids were at the wedding….and I got spend some time with them.

Sandy is married to Chris Ferguson (#6)

Chris – actually Commander Christopher Ferguson is the commander of the space shuttle Endeavour STS-126 which will be launching into space on November 14th…

The entire crew was on site the same day we were there doing their test run for the mission….

Small world….

Safe travels Chris…. we’ll be watching and praying for you…..