This morning Lisa and Victor and I met with Phyllis Jablonowski of Eventricity!

Phyllis is my “Ace in the Hole” – she’s always been there when I needed ‘something special’, a tough to please client or something on the fly…

Thinking that pulling together ceremony decor, personal flowers, and centerpieces for brunch in October when things are really hopping would be tough… we went to Eventricity, knowing they would be able to pull off great pieces reflecting Lisa and Victor -by Friday.

YES, they JUST met this morning….

Fortunately, I had a couple days with Lisa and Victor and know the drill… Lisa and I had a chance to chat earlier in the week.

Lisa’s comment reflected the easy going nature of both she and Victor – ” I like red roses, and if they can incorporate them into my bouquet that would be great- and fall colors, I think fall colors would be pretty”

BINGO – Phyllis was able to show up with photos of some beautiful pieces that reflected Lisa’s taste…this gave Lisa a change to personalize her wedding – even on the fly.

We all trust that Phyllis will do an beautiful job!