Would you be able to plan the biggest day of your life…in a week?

We’ve paired with WeddingWire.com and 106.1 to give away a Wedding In A Week – couples logged on to 106.1’s website and told us their story, and why they deserved to win the $20,000.00 wedding prize.

After nearly 75 couples registered – they field was narrowed to 10 couples for the listeners to vote on…

Lisa and Victor of south Philly won with over 27% of the vote!

And I could not ask for a sweeter couple!!

BUT, now we have just one week to pull everything together!

This week we will be doing all the planning as well as reporting in every day with Logan at 106.1

Lisa and Victor will be headed to Suky where Lisa will be trying on several designer gowns- as Suky owner Mary Helen will need to get her to make a decision, get her measured, and get the alterations done in time for next Friday’s wedding.

Victor is off to Sagets Tuxedo Specialists and Jimmy will be fitting him for his tux…

Next on the list will be meetings with Gian Carlo, Associate Catering Director from the Hyatt Regency  Philadelphia at Penns Landing where they will design their reception- the Penns Landing Champagne Brunch to be hosted in the hotels Columbus Ballroom.

The BIG surprise today- Victor NEVER thought he would win… so he didn’t tell his parents who were headed to Portugal for October…and won’t be able to get back Friday…

SO, my good friend Tim Sudall, owner of Video One Productions stepped up and added video to the wedding prize package- videotaping the ceremony and reception so his parents will be able to share in the experience!


More details as this week unfolds!