My guess is you’ve hear of Six Degrees of Separation, and maybe even Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon….

Today is Six Degrees of Mark Kingsdorf –

Because of my monthly column in I often receive emails from people promoting products, services and unique venues.

I received an email from a PR company in NYC (#2) publicizing a off premise catering and a new catering location in Dallas for Wolfgang Puck (#3).

Seems that Wolfgang Puck Catering is setting up office in Dallas’ famed Union Station AND is in addition to operating meeting and event facilities- Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group is also involved with Woodbine Development(#4) in the renovation of the adjoining Hyatt Regency Dallas – 50 story landmark restaurant formerly know as Antares (#5).


In 1982 not long after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America – I moved to Dallas, met a pastry chef who worked for the Hyatt Regency Dallas and got me an interview.

I took a job there for four years before transferring to another Hyatt hotel in the Washington DC area….

The two jobs I had before leaving Dallas were as the Sous Chef in charge of Antares Restaurant and as the Chef Tournant which required me to make frequent trips through the tunnel to Union Station to check on food service operations and events there…

So more than 20 years later I’m reconnected with my past (and an amazing chef like Wolfgang Puck) by fewer than six degrees of separation.