100 degrees in the shade…and I’m glad I don’t have a wedding today…

I always recommend that brides and grooms stay well hydrated…


I generally ask brides to slow up – and take a potty break – before dressing

(there is very little that is worse than having to pee just before you go down the aisle…)

– knowing you have on this BIG gown -  big-gown.jpg

(OK maybe having to sit through your ceremony knowing –you should have gone)

But, one of my best tips is to switch over to water from about cake cutting through the end of the night…

You’ll be REALLY happy you did!

Between not eating properly (I try to get you to eat!), perspiring, drinking alcohol, as well as talking and smiling till your mouth is dry…you’ll get VERY DEHYDRATED!

Switching to water will help insure you don’t wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck.

Heading to brunch or off on your honeymoon… you’ll be glad you listened!