OK, if you’ve seen me,met me, or know me well you know VERY WELL I am NO SIZE 2

I’m 6’1, and currently at about 208 pounds- earlier this year I was at 232 pounds and one upon a job as a chef 268 pounds…

I know what it is like to shop for clothes, find stuff ‘in your size’ only to put it on and find it’s too small

Or worse yet- to buy stuff under the assumption ‘I’ll lose weight and be able to wear this’

As a wedding consultant (you knew I was going somewhere with this…) I see this all the time with wedding gowns and brides maids dresses.

They run small – OK the secret is out! (no big secret everyone seems to know this!)

So when they tell you you’re a size 12 and you know you’re an 8- DON’T BUY AN 8 JUST BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS WEAR AND 8 – IT WON’T FIT!

Please understand  that you can only let a gown out so far – and the seam width differs from designer to designer.

I will tell you from experience a rush order for a yard (cause the won’t send ya a 1/2 yard) of fabric cost a lot more in time, money and stress than ordering it the right size and takin it in a little if ya need to.

Same goes with “I’ll lose weight” – don’t order a size smaller hoping to drop 10 pounds…go with what fits and take it in if you need to…

You’ll be MUCH happier!