This past Sunday was Karen and Bill’s wedding…

Karen, Bill and I

I’ve waited a LONG time for this day – they are the greatest couple. Very hands on and not obsessive….tons of tiny personal touches – they took ideas we discussed and ran with them.

Bill documented the entire process – floral meetings, cake tastings, menu tastings- he took photos of everything.

Sunday was a beautiful day –

Their ceremony officiated by family friend Reverend Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr. (our former mayor)- was personal and heartfelt.

Karen cried the entire day – before she went down the aisle, while she danced – you name it she cried…. but the were Tears of joy!

The Blood part- (relax, everything was fine!) Sangria! The perfect touch to a hot summer receptions…

Which brings us to the Sweat part- Hot summer weddings, and unfortunately just before the ceremony the air conditioning in the ballroom pooped out… they worked all day (poor guy did three hours on the roof, mid day on Father’s Day).

No luck- we rounded up a few floor fans, opened some doors to the rest of the venue to circulate some air and event the terrace helped with a nice breeze…

BUT- the most important part of this disaster- Karen and Bill had a good time!

They both remained calm and insistent on having a good time- because they had a good time – their guests had a good time – if they had gone BAD, so would the other 128 guests..

Moral of the story- if you have a good time at your wedding – so will your guests!