I LOVE that line….

I was driving to a client meeting yesterday and I saw this HUGE billboard near 30th Street Station- it’s for the University of Pennsylvania Hospitals – BUT IT WORKS FOR ME!

I was recently reading my dear friend Linyette’s blog Confessions of The Wedding Diva and my dear sista had a great post called: More Planners Than You Can Shake a Stick At….

It basically addressed all the new “planners” and “hobbyist” versus working with an experienced planner…

 So the billboard really hits home – “More Experience Means Better Results”!

I occasionally have someone who says: “well there are other planners who offer a similar package for a lot less”

YUP, I’m sure there are!

We all start somewhere- so before all the new planners reading the blog start sending me hate mail…

The difference between planners is experience and education….

Education is GREAT- I’m all for it, I teach or guest speak at several local college event planning classes, I take classes sponsored by other successful planners and industry associations.

Experience is what makes a consultant more marketable – Is this a full time job or a hobby?

Did you intern with an experienced planner? What associations are you an ACTIVE member of? Have you worked with a florist, bridal salon photographer or videographer to learn what it is they do?

More Experience Means Better Results – do you want an established “surgeon” or a “first year resident” operating the biggest day of your life?