While I was away on vacation I was tagged (again)….

This time by my best-est girlfriend The Wedding Diva – Linnyette Richardson-Hall

I’m suppose to tell you my five favorite songs that I wouldn’t normally fess up about – so only for her…

#1 – Amazing Grace– OK, so it’s not what you expected to see on the list… it was my mom’s favorite -  and the quickest way to bring Mark to tears is to play Amazing Grace on a bagpipe.

#2 – ANYTHING 60’s– for ten years I worked 12-14 hours a day in a restaurant that played all late 50’s, early 60’s music- I LOVE The Turtles, Beatles, Righteous Brothers and anything Motown.

#3 – Beautiful In My Eyes– I got hooked 20 years ago on Joshua Kadison and this song just stuck with me.

#4 – nearly anything Bette Midler– OK, makes me a geek….again, heard Bette-‘back in the day” and loved her sass and style… she is one of the best live shows…hysterical.

#5 – If I Had A Million Dollars – Chuck and I both LOVE Bare Naked Ladies – at one point we went to any concert in the Philly area they had Tower Theatre, Wachovia didn’t matter.

So, I’m not tagging anyone…I’ve already made a big enough fool of myself.