No, I didn’t have the date wrong, and I’m not a day late in posting….

It’s more like the movie Groundhog Day!

I woke up this morning and it’s earth day all over again….

In 1962 conservation and the state of our environment was a non issue – it was overshadowed by issues of the Vietnam War…

It took seven years to establish a national grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment…

My hope is that in 2008 things that were a dream for Senator Gaylord Nelson back in 1962 – are things that we make part of our everyday life.

  • Keeping environmental issues part of the political focus
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle are part of our everyday thought process
  • We focus on keeping our water sources clean

In doing our part The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants makes an effort to make our office as environmentally friendly as possible – as I work from home Chuck and I do our best to: recycle everything we can, buy fresh, local, organic ingredients whenever possible, use environmentally friendly products, and conserve energy.

We’ve gone as green as possible in the office by printing out only files we need to have hard copies of, we encourage other wedding professionals to send ‘brouchures’ online (as they’re conserving paper, we can keep more up-to-date information and they take up less file space), we recycle our ink cartridges, and magazines and we’re working on a new project to shred all our paper waste and compost it with our lawn clippings.

Wedding planning with couples who want to incorporate environmentally friendly touches to their wedding are some of my favorites- local organic foods, local organic flowers, soy candles, donations to environmental organizations in lieu of wedding favors, locally produced organic chocolates… every little bit helps..

For me I like waking up and knowing EVERYDAY is Earth Day!