For the non Yiddish speaking – “Yiddish phrase. exclamation of surprise, incredulity, or simply used to emphasize a statement. often used when kvetching. alt. spelling: oy gevaldt” – Urban Dictionary.

Oy, Gevalt!

I thought I had been tagged by every blogger I knew on every possible PC topic known to man or woman kind…

You know, tagging…like list your top five somethings and then tag five more people to tell you the same on their blog about them…

I say PC because I’m sure somewhere, someone I know would start a rather non PC version..

So this weeks tag comes from More than an (Army)wife – she’s an avid reader of my blog so I thought I’d go on and amuse the world.


5 Things I was doing 10 years ago –

  1. Stripping- pork and beef ribs that is- this is the process of removing the thin membrane from the underside of ribs before cooking to make them more tender
  2. Smoking – two kinds… I am actually a reformed cigarette smoker of more than 5 years, and I was the chef/partner in a restaurant which specialized in grilling and smoking ( see above)
  3. Driving – I lived in beautiful Upper Bucks County ( exactly 1/2 way between NYC and Philly) beautiful place not far of the Delaware River but a drive to everything.
  4. Working out – around this time I had had enough of being fat (no, really fat, not just the couple pounds over I’ve been in that last year) and started working out like a maniac and dieting – DIETING DOESN’T WORK – is ate under 10 grams of fat a day ( most of the weight came back.
  5. Hangin in AC- a big day off for me then was a Monday morning drive to AC, a day on the beach, dinner, an evening on the boardwalk and a few hours in the casino… big day off huh!

5 Things on my to do list for today –

  1. Not this –
  2. Thank You Notes- done, definitely a lost art
  3. Follow up with wedding professionals for several upcoming weddings
  4. Post Office Run
  5. Interview

5 Favorite Snacks-

  1. Pizza – hot ,cold, thin, thick- doesn’t matter – only thing I really don’t like on pizza is ham and pineapple
  2. Cheese – I love trying new different types of cheese
  3. lately low fat microwave popcorn 100 calorie packs
  4. jalapeno poppers
  5. been craving really good hot buffalo wings…

5 Things I’d Do If I Were A Billionaire-

  1. House on the beach someplace tropical Chuck LOVES the beach
  2. Travel
  3. Have a lot more great dinner parties – with staff to finish and serve- we love the cooking, would rather spend time with friends and not serve.
  4. Take a BIG trip with both of our extended families
  5. Do something really cool for some people who helped me out during those very lean years.

5 Bad Habits

  1. Snore like a bear
  2. Cuss like a trucker when I drive… that’s why clients never ride with me
  3. Say: ” Can I ask you a question?” when I want to ask Chuck a question (he hates it!)
  4. sit in the office and work “after business hours”
  5. pass on emails like this because I ‘should’

5 Jobs I’ve had-

  1. Dishwasher
  2. Pantry cook, line cook, and chef…
  3. Catering Sales Manager, Banquet Manger
  4. Florist
  5. Window dresser / visual display tech

So this is the point I “should” pass this on, tag someone… but I’m gonna break one bad habit…. sorry gang