No such thing as a ‘day off ‘ when you work for yourself …As a wedding consultant you’ll always find yourself looking at flowers for a centerpiece, a great location for wedding photos, or a great place for a reception or rehearsal dinner.

Yesterday was no exception – I was invited to dinner by a friend in NYC – so I booked an afternoon meeting with one of my brides who live in NYC….I was gonna be there anyway!

So dinner- right after Let Them Eat Cake, Sylvia Weinstock calls and want to know when I can come to NY to meet?


Put me on the next bus!

Last night was dinner with Sylvia night – she is so down to earth and warm – we sat in her home and talked and decided where to do dinner..

Sylvia is much like me and eats anything- so she suggests ” a little Mexican place around the corner, I know the chef and he’s a cutie”

I love Mexican food, especially little dive places with great food…

Turns out this place is no dive it’s Centrico one of the hottest restaurants in Tribeca and her friend is Chef Aaron Sanchez from Food Networks, Next Iron Chef.


Sylvia jokes with the host that Aaron is never there when she comes and to tell him Sylvia stopped in…

15 minutes later complimentary appetizers arrive and in rolls Aaron in jeans, t shirt with his trademark tattoos and a hooded sweatshirt – on his day off…

He came in and just hung out with us – WHAT A GREAT, NICE GUY!

The food was AMAZING – the best queso fundido with chorizo I have ever had, and my entree was a pairing of sweetbreads done two ways. The first was fried with a jalapeno topping and the second was grilled with a cilantro and lemon glaze….YUM!

If you get to NYC make sure you try out Centrico!

What a great day off!