I normally don’t kiss and tell




And the outcome was fine…So I hope Michelle doesn’t mind.


Friday night, while rushing to get dressed for the rehearsal and catch up with family who were just arriving


And doing the multi task thing most women do so well.


Doing 15 things while putting on her MASCARA

I’ve seen you all do this


Talk on the phone, eat, dance around getting dressed and even DRIVE (?) while putting on mascara..


So the day before her wedding Michelle is multitasking and pokes herself in the eye with the mascara wand


Fast Forward: Wedding Day 6:22 AM – Ring, Ring

Michelle: hi Mark, it’s Michelle, did I wake you?


Mark: No I’m up, what’s up? (I honestly was)


Michelle: I think I need to go to the doctor!

I run for Michelle, my associate Lynda runs for the doctors office to make sure someone is in…I get Michelle there


The entire side of her face is swollen, lip, face, and eye is completely closed


Doctor checks it out seems when she poked herself in the eye, one of the bristles came out and was under her lid REALLY irritating it


Clean it out, 2 kinds of drops, antihistamine, an eye patch and a few hours sleep later we uncover it


All is well


But could you imagine this beautiful bride coming down the aisle with an eye patch or the big dark Sophia Loren sunglasses?






Moral of the story:


Take your time- on your wedding day, and on the day before  SLOW DOWN, don’t sweat the small stuff, do one thing at a time

And relax