Someone taught me early on in my career as a professional wedding consultant:

"There's no such thing as a perfect wedding…… there are always bumps behind the scenes…. Keeping it looking flawless and seamless for bride, groom and guests it the important part."


And while, I try to make every Queen of Hearts wedding LOOK that way… there are times behind the scenes where you are paddling as fast as you can…


So, yesterday was a good day, all the I's were dotted, and the t's were crossed…


Spoke with the bride earlier… Several hours before I'm on site where room blocks are, and ceremony and reception are to be held…


I go to the Mezzanine level, florist- check, banquet captain-check….photographer, videographer are both in suite with the bride as she and the ladies finish hair and make up…check, check and check.


I'm heading up to the suite to pop in my head…. Elevator door opens… and imagine my surprise when standing in the elevator is…


 robert irvine.bmp


Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network's

Dinner: Impossible


"UH… HI CHEF!? You're the last person I expected to see, what are you in town for?"


(Although not nearly that clearly or fluidly; as I, Mark am nearly speechless for one of the few times in my life)


Please keep in mind:


A) I'm a classically trained former chef, and a BIG fan of the show… this is like meeting a "TOP GUN" in my industry.


B) That Robert is a BIG GUY… no I mean HUGE… Like as all arms and chest as he appears on TV…BIGGER (especially when you're the only other person in the elevator with him).


C) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, while I'm trying to formulate sentences…my brain is going "OMG, please tell me that they're not here for the wedding"


(To the sounds of "Good Afternoon Robert, your mission today is…" as I look to make sure there are no cameras there….)



One of the things wedding planners don't like are surprises… changes in timeline, and menu, complete with TV crew would fall into that category…


Fortunately, Chef was in town for an event with one of the local culinary schools…




BTW, he's a REALLY nice guy!