I love my CLIENTS!


I have quite a few that are avid blog readers… Fortunately at least one watches my grammar and spelling!(Thanks JY-M!)


Nicole who was married back in November 2006 still follows the blog… She and hubby Steve are involved in something really cool that many of us can easily do especially during this holiday season.




Nicole wrote:

This year Steve and I have been taking part in a program called "adopt a soldier" through the Soldier Angels web-site.

It is a wonderful way to help out troops overseas. You see, when groups are deployed their commanders take special note of those who aren't receiving mail or packages.

Can you imagine being in that environment and having no one at home to write to you or send care packages???

Every month we send 2 care packages and about 4 letters, and this past week I sent a home-made fleece blanket that I made.

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

The web-site also offers other alternatives to adopting a soldier (sometimes time and money becomes an issue).

They can participate in one of the many Soldier Angels teams which consist of the Sewing Team which makes blankets for the wounded, Operation OutReach which helps the families of deployed soldiers and many more.

It's nice to let them know that someone at home cares and appreciates all their hard work and courage.


Thanks Nicole… I can remember being 20 and living in Dallas, Texas – safe and warm but still away from family for the first time during the holidays and how much the packages from my family meant to me…


I can only imagine how tough it must be to be in harms way, 1000's of miles from family or having no one send cards and gifts…


You and Steve ROCK – but I knew that already!


I'm happy to pass this on and hopefully some of the blog readers will pitch in…