I’ve been tagged by Melissa at MasterPiece Weddings to participate in the Green Challenge! 


The idea is to pass on three ideas about how I try to minimize my impact on the environment then tag 5 more bloggers to carry it on! 


Well here they are!


1. “C” is a vegetarian, so all of our meals at home are meatless –


If you’re already a vegetarian; you’re saving at least 3,000 pounds of CO2 per year compared to meat eaters.  Good going!  If you’re not ready to take that step, just increase the number of vegetarian meals you eat each week by one or two.  Also, poultry is less greenhouse gas intensive than beef.



2. Our home is over 100 years old; the windows have no screens and are need of being replaced – we are replacing all of the old windows with new energy efficient windows which look just like the old paned windows.



And, this will enable us to get great cross ventilation lessening the need for fans or air conditioning.



3. Conserving water – we have turned back the thermostat on the hot water heater- lowering the temperature even a little can bring you big energy savings… from 3% to 5% for every 10 degrees!



We reduce water usage by running only full loads of laundry, using cold wash settings and washing at off peak times.



And the last one is really silly – having an old house in a humid climate it’s sometimes necessary to run a dehumidifier in the basement – we save all the water collected and dump it into the washer. It lessens the ‘fresh water’ you pump in.
OK – you’re next!


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