There are times that I say things until I’m blue in the face…this is one of them!


Big Box Tuxedo Stores may be more conveniently located, and may save you a few bucks- but they are not always a bargain in the long run.


I’m not going to single any one company out… but as a wedding consultant I’d be remiss if I didn’t point this out to brides reading this just as I do the couples I work with.


While these stores may be easier for groomsmen attending your wedding who live in other cities to run into the local store, get measured and pick them up before they leave for your wedding…that’s where the ease ends..





IF your groomsmen try everything on there, before they leave and something doesn’t fit – 90% of these stores still need 24 hours to bring in a replacement from a central warehouse….


Ya but he’s leaving NOW….


And there’s nothing in the store?


No, chances are that they brought in JUST the sets which are going out that day – other than the display items on the mannequins – that’s all folks!


Typically, smaller locally owned tuxedo shops have their own stock – in many cases they will have a larger vest right there in the store, or be able to offer you the service to refit the jacket or trousers right on property..


One here in the Philadelphia area – Sagets – offers for a small fee a “wedding day service” where the owner comes to wherever the guys are getting ready with ‘substitutions’ – pieces to trade out should something need a slight adjustment – he also helps the guys get ready so they really looked put together.


Ask around… make sure that if you’re ordering tuxedos that you’re able to swap out pieces should the guys need something the day of the wedding.