* I had attempted to post this a few weeks back and had technical difficulties….but it seems the www tracks everything! LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN.

Right after a recent wedding I received these photos from florist extraordinaire Michael Bruce – not actually a stranger, we have worked together several time, know each other fairly well and have admired Michael’s creations at the Philadelphia Flower Show over the past few years.

michaelbruce-vrooman4.jpg  michaelbruce-vrooman6.jpgmichaelbruce-vrooman1.jpg

The reason I say stranger is: I have a philosophy that I don’t take my camera to a clients wedding –
A) I’m really quite a lousy photographer, and more importantly
B) I’m there to be of service to my clients and attend to their details not take photos for my portfolio.

I see consultants with these photos all the time and wonder when they have time…

I choose to leave the photos to the professionals…unfortunately, I do have to wait to get them when they have free time between shooting, editing, laying out albums, uploading images on line and filling orders for clients…. BUT I’M OK WITH THAT!

That’s why my recent weddings page of the website has so many amazing images!
Anyway – imagine my surprise and excitement when Michael took the time to send me over images of Leigh Ann and Paul’s Wedding a day or so after the wedding…

The only thing that comes close to rivaling that would be the following text message I received the morning after the wedding:
“Yesterday was incredible! Thank you so much for making our wedding day amazing!”

Thanks Leigh Ann and Paul and that to Michael Bruce for the beautiful floral pieces and the pictures!